Local Communities

TSM helps local communities know more about sustainability performance at the mine site level – where it matters most.

TSM is a major step forward in continuing to build stronger relationships between the Australian minerals industry and its host communities built on transparency and trust. TSM focusses on the issues most important to local communities including how we engage and partner with communities, the health and safety of our workforce and how we look after our environment.

TSM provides operations with a framework to be responsive to community priorities, needs and interests through all stages of mining exploration, development, operations and closure. It supports community participation in opportunities provided by mining operations and supports delivery of lasting benefits to local communities.

Governments, Investors and Customers

TSM provides globally recognised environmental, social and governance (ESG) credentials for responsible mining, enhancing government, investors and customer confidence. It reinforces the sector’s commitment to continual improvement in ESG performance

TSM provides a simple, independently verified and easy to use tool to understand company sustainability performance and transparency around site-level performance which is increasingly important in understanding ESG risks and opportunities.

TSM provides governments and investor confidence in responsible minerals production and customer confidence the products they buy are responsibly sourced.


TSM provides benefits for industry, companies and mining operations by supporting continual improvement in ESG performance and communication with stakeholders.

The TSM framework support companies to identify opportunities and manage risks across environmental and social performance. TSM provides an industry view of ‘good practice’ reducing the effort required for each company to review, maintain and update standards that show mining is being managed responsibly, from start to finish.

The assurance process provides both company and facility management with confidence in the state of their systems and practices, the opportunity to benchmark across sites and prioritise actions to mitigate risks or take advantage of opportunities. The TSM program supports innovation and improvement through shared learning at forums including the Initiative Leaders Working Group.